Geology 365: Structural Geology

Winter 2017

Basic Information

Recumbent fold, Black Hills, South Dakota

Course Updates

Week 8
  1. Textbook: For this material we'll talk about this week, relevant sections include Chapter 2 (2.1-2.16, and 2.30) and Chapter 3.
  2. Lab: your posters about Mecca Hills are due on Thursday. The map for everyone to complete collectively is in the senior room, on a desk near the window. Please be prepared to do a short (for real) presentation about your poster. No more than 5 minutes. And make sure everyone in your group gets to speak.
Week 7
  1. Textbook: At some point in the near future, read Chapter 11 (folds), Chapter 12 (foliation), Chapter 13 (lineation), Chapter 14 (boudins) and Chapter 15 (focus on 15.1 and 15.5). If you are lacking time to read, at least look and think about the figures.
  2. Also - in case you haven't already read this section - check out the chapter on Kinematics and Paleostress (Chapter 10).
  3. Your sixth image assignment is due next week. You've got a choice this week: either this image 1 or image 2. As usual, here is the blank form to sketch on. HINT 1: The orangish coloring is on image 1 is just a surficial stain. Ignore. HINT 2: Here is a zoomed out image for showing a bigger view of the outcrop for image 2.
Week 6
  1. For Thursday class: complete the two half-sheets about Mohr circles. I might collect them.
  2. Lab this week: Work on your Mecca Hills mapping project this week. The finished posters will be due during Week 8.
  3. Lab for next week: the second round of SAF talks. Here's the form you need to complete and bring to lab.
  4. Image: your fifth image assignment is due next Tuesday. NOTE: The image is taken looking down at a horizontal outcrop. There is some rubble at the top of the photo - don't bother to sketch this; it has nothing to do with the main structure. Here is the image and the blank form to sketch on. Two tips for this week: (1) Remember to describe the thickness of layers in words as part of your observations. (2) Draw a cartoon in the interpretation section to help explain your answer.
Week 5
  1. Here is a handout about the field trip, including a suggested packing list.
  2. For Tuesday: your image is due.
  3. Extra map practice: I put a file called "map_practice.pdf" in the course folder under Course Materials. There are three structure contour maps in the file. It's totally optional; I don't have a key for it but you can come in and ask questions.
Week 4
  1. Textbook: Read Chapter 4 about stress. Also skim chapter 5.
  2. Image: your fourth image assignment is due next Tuesday (i.e. February 3). NOTE: The image is taken looking down at a horizontal outcrop. Here is the image and the blank form to sketch on.
  3. The first batch of San Andreas fault talks are in lab on Thursday. Please load your slides onto the lab computer (desktop) before the start of lab. Name your slide show "Yourlastname_PaperAuthorsYear." Bring your completed form for me to grade on.
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