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Joseph W. Chihade

Associate Professor of Chemistry 

Joe and his daughter Margo


B.A. Chemistry, 1989
Oberlin College

Ph.D. Chemistry, 1996
Columbia University

Postdoctoral Fellow, 1996-1999
M.I.T. and The Scripps Research Institute

Contact Information:

Department of Chemistry
Carleton College
1 North College Street
Northfield, MN 55057

Office: Mudd 170

Phone:   (507) 222-7446 (office)
FAX:     (507) 222-4400


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Teaching Interests:

Organic Chemistry, Biological Chemistry.

Research Interests:

My research interests are in the broad areas of protein-RNA interactions and RNA structure. These areas lie at the intersection of biology and chemistry, and encompass wide variety of scientific perspectives. These range from the "biological" questions of which proteins interact with particular RNAs, what the consequences of these interactions are to the living cell, and how particular interactions evolved, to the more "chemical" questions of how a specific functional group influences a macromolecular interaction or changes the structure of a macromolecule, and how a simple chemical reagent can be used to elucidate biological function.

Currently research in the lab is focused on two projects: characterizing substrate recognition of alanyl-tRNA synthetases which aminoacylate the highly unusual tRNAs found in animal mitochondria.

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